New Traxxas Steel Center Differential Announced


Traxxas announced a new heavy-duty center differential for 1/10 scale 4X4 trucks. Like the Torque-Biasing Center Drive found in the X-Maxx and E-Revo, the heavy-duty center differential replaces the stock slipper clutch to absorb shocks and improve driveline durability in high-power applications. The center differential distributes power to all four wheels for extreme 3-cell LiPo acceleration and consistent, hard launches.

Retail price for the new assembly is $75.00, and will be in stock around early May. This upgrade will be a must-have item for anyone running the larger Sidewinder 8th brushless system, or even Traxxas’ own MXL-6S or VXL-6S combos. Pair this with Traxxas’ steel CVDs ($70/pair) and harden your drivetrain for the ultimate in durability!

DX6e Radio System Has Arrived

It you're in the market for a less expensive alternative to the Spektrum DX6 transmitter, but don't want to compromise on the great programming features it offers, then check out the new DX6e!

Designed to replace the aging DX6i transmitter, the DX6e offers the same programming features, multiple wing types, 250 model memory, and channel assignments that the DX6 has. The only features lacking are a training cord plug (but you can still utilize the wireless training link Spektrum offers) and the voice alerts feature. The case is entirely plastic, much like the DXe transmitter, but that don't really detract from the look and feel of the transmitter.

The new DX6e is available with a six channel AR610 receiver for only $179.99, and if you don't need the receiver, you can purchase the transmitter alone for $149.99, and they are in stock now!

Buy an X-Maxx, Get a Free Charger

Traxxas is offering a killer deal on their popular X-Maxx trucks! Buy an X-Maxx, and you'll automatically get a free Traxxas Ez-Peak Dual charger - a $99.99 value! Better yet, you can also opt to purchase two TRA2872X 5000mAh 3S LiPo batteries (normally $64.99 each) for only $100!

That means you can get a complete, Ready-to-Run X-Maxx setup for only $899.99 plus tax! There's never been a better time to get into a Traxxas X-Maxx than right now. But if you thought you could only take advantage of this offer by going directly to Traxxas, well, you've got another thing comin'.

We have been authorized by Traxxas to offer this deal directly to our customers. That means if you buy an X-Maxx from us between now and October 31st, you can take advantage of this special offer!

We've got everything you need on the shelf today! Make the most of what summer we have left and get your X-Maxx soon. Remember, this offer expires on October 31st, 2016!


Traxxas has extended the deal until the end of the year! The offer now expires on 12/31/16.

New Ultra Micro 4-Port Charger

When you have eight or nine tiny 1S LiPo batteries for your airplane or quadcopter, it's nice to be able to charge more than one at a time. Multiple chargers is a pain, though. There must be a better way.

And there is. The new E-Flite Celectra Ultra Micro-4 charger is a multi-port charger capable of charging up to four batteries at the same time. It's designed for Horizon's 1S and 2S LiPo batteries for their ultra-micro lineup. Each port can charge from 0.1A to 1.0A and has built-in short circuit and reverse polarity protection. You can charge any of the following batteries with it: 30-150mAh 1S Ultra-Micro LiPos, 1S MCPX/Nano 3D LiPos, or a 120-300mAh 2S LiPo with the JST-PH 3-wire connector (like for E-Flite's UMX airplanes).

The Celectra Ultra Micro-4 runs $69.99 and is a great addition to an ultra-micro pilot's fleet.