Magic: TG Closeout - The Curtain Closes on Gaming

There was a time when we carried a respectable amount of gaming supplies. From dice to role-playing books to collectable card games, from board games to miniatures, we were the place to come in Saginaw for gaming for a long time. But that time has now passed.

As a result, we're clearancing out the last bastion of gaming in our store. Magic: The Gathering booster packs are now all clearance priced. 2014 Core Set, 2013 Core Set, Avacyn Restored, Dragon's Maze, Return to Ravnica, Gratecrash, and Theros booster packs are all priced at $2.49/pack.

Once these booster packs are gone, they aren't coming back, and we will not be ordering new sets for the shelf. We can still get booster boxes for special order, along with many other gaming supplies. But as great gaming stores like The Board Room and Coy's Comics have risen in prominence, we realized it was time to cede the ground to people who can do it with more passion and eagerness than we can.

To all our gaming customers, THANK YOU! It's been a hell of a ride, and we sincerely appreciate your business over the years.

Avacyn Restored on the Shelf, Mirrodin Boosters on Clearance

We have the new Magic: The Gathering boosters, Avacyn Restored, on the shelf now. As always, they are priced at $3.29 per pack - the lowest price you can find locally!

Also, we have Mirrodin Besieged and Scars of Mirrodin boosters on clearance for only $2.75 per pack! Tell your friends, and stop in today. Once they're gone, they're gone!

New Magic: TG Set, "Innistrad", In Stock

Today marks the release of the newest Magic: The Gathering set, Innistrad. as per usual, we receieved a box of boosters, as we do not carry the Intro Packs. We have the boosters in stock and ready for purchase at the usual $3.29 each price.

Stop in and pick up some of the new set today! And don't forget, we have a large selection of dice sets, and some Zendikar boosters on clearance for $2.75 per pack!