Aluminum TRX-4 Parts in Stock


We’re starting to beef up our TRX-4 accessories selection, and the first few products have hit the shelf already. Coming in yesterday were red- and blue-anodized castor blocks for the TRX-4, as well as red- and blue-anodized shocks. The shocks are $40/pair, and the castor blocks are $55 for a pair.

There will be more hop-ups and accessories to come. Looking for us to pick up something in particular? Let us know — we’re still newbs at this rock crawling stuff, so don’t be shy about what you want to see us carry!


Seeing Green with New Traxxas Option Parts

green traxxas aluminum hopups.jpg

We’ve just received some new aluminum hop-ups for the Traxxas Slash 4x4, Rustler, 4x4, and Stampede 4x4! These green anodized aluminum parts are a great way to improve your vehicle’s durability and add some color to the otherwise boring black-and-gray chassis’ these vehicles feature. The green GTR shocks both add a splash of color and improve the handling of your vehicle with it’s larger diameter bore, and you won’t have to worry about lost preload spacers; the threaded body allows you to simply twist the space up or down to fit your prefered driving style.

Pick up your set soon!


GTR Shocks (Front)
GTR Shocks (Rear)

Front C-Hubs
Front Axle Carriers
Rear Axle Carriers




New Wraith Hop-Ups from Axial

Axial shot out a press release earlier in the week about some new hop-up parts for the Wraith. Of particular interest to the Wraith owners I talked to about the release were the new link mounts and the new diff cover.

The new aluminum link mounts offer a wide variety of mounting positions, allowing users to fine tune their wheelbase. These will list for $35 for a pair of the mounts.

The new billet aluminum diff cover is low profile and will slide over rocks easier than the stock cover. These will be sold in packages of one, and will retail for $35.

No word on ETA for these yet, but we'll post when we find out.