Saying So Long to an Old Friend - Ed Peitsch Retires

Ed Peitsch has been working for us for nearly the entire existence of the store. It was only a year after we opened that Andy, Ed's son, was offered a job elsewhere, and took it upon himself to find a replacement. Ed was retired from the postal service at the time, and took on a role here at the store as his son moved on to a bright future. Ed has been with us ever since. Most of you know him as the "freight guy". Some of you know him as a consummate model builder. But however he is known, there aren't a whole lot of people that don't like Ed.

I've known Ed my entire life. While not being related by blood, it's hard not to think of him as part of the family. So it is with no small sadness that I have to announce that, as of Tuesday, July 16th, Ed has retired from Roger's Hobby Center.

His attention will fall to his family, with whom he plans to spend more time. I know he'll have his hands full with chores and other such things - Ed doesn't much like to do nothing. For as long as I've known him, I don't think I've seen another person with a work ethic like Ed, so there's little doubt he will stay busy.

Ed will be missed by all of us at Roger's Hobby Center, and, I'm sure, by many of our customers. We wish him and his family, especially his wife Lois, well for the future, and we know that this is not "Goodbye", but "See you later".

Thank you, Ed, for your years of service, for your lighthearted sense of humor, and your dedication to the business. It may be a bit trite to say, but if ever "We couldn't have done it without you" applies, this is the man it applies to.

We'll see you later, Ed.