Blade Inductrix FPV+ In Stock Now


New in stock yesterday was the Blade Inductrix FPV+, the next evolution of the popular Inductrix platform. The new model boasts a larger, more durable frame, powerful new motors, and a larger battery for longer flights. It still features SAFE technology for confidence in the air, and the new "Meow Mode" reverses the direction of the motors to flip the drone right-side up if it lands upside-down. The Ready-to-Fly model upgrades the old monitor to a new 4.3" monitor with a built-in DVR to record your flights for posterity.

Stop in and pick up yours today, and start flying around the house in style!

Ready-To-Fly Model


Bind-N-Fly Model


UMX F-27 FPV Flying Wing In Stock

The Blade Ultra Micro F-27 FPV BNF Basic wing brings the excitement of FPV wing flying in a size that can be flown practically anywhere. Its lightweight Z-Foam airframe features impressive durability to handle bumps or bruises. Take advantage of built-in AS3X stabilization and SAFE technology for the comfort of envelope protection and self-leveling for a confidence-inspiring flight experience. The high-output brushless motor accepts 2S Li-Po batteries to suit mild or wild flying styles, and the 150mW VTX provides crisp, clear video in any environment. Bind-N-Fly Basic completion level means all you have to do is simply add a 2S 280mAh battery and bind it to a compatible Spektrum transmitter.

The UMX F-27 FPV runs $169.99 and is in stock now!

Inductrix FPV In Stock!

As we said back in August, the Blade Inductrix FPV is a product that we're really excited about, and now it's here! We have twelve of these tiny FPV machines in stock, and they are tremendously fun to fly. I have personally gotten to pilot it around the store, and it's truly a blast. I've never been one for FPV flying before, and I think the Inductrix FPV might just change my mind.

Hold races in your basement and invite your friends over! Zoom it around your office on your lunch break! However and wherever you fly, the Inductrix FPV is a great way to get into the FPV side of the hobby. Pick up yours today for only $199.99, completely Ready-to-Fly!

Blade Inductrix FPV Announced

It's been awhile since a newly announced product has me excited — especially a Blade product — but the new announcement from Horizon Hobby yesterday has me really excited. It's the Blade Inductrix FPV, and if you've been looking for an affordable way to get into FPV drone racing or flying, then this is the product you've been waiting for.

The Inductrix FPV comes with everything you need to fly — no more buying multiple boxes and piecemealing your FPV experience. The included monitor is 4.3" diagonal, and can be adapted into a headset with the optional headset mount kit. It works with nearly all FPV equipment out there, so it can grow with you too! The best part? It's only $199.99!

I think this new drone will really jump start the FPV scene here in mid-Michigan. It's never been so affordable to start FPV flying with good equipment. This puts all the Wi-Fi "FPV" drones to shame, and promises a solid foundation to begin your journey into the FPV hobby.

The Blade Inductrix FPV will be available sometime in October, and we're opening up pre-orders now. If you want to get one of the first Inductrix FPV drones in town, call us today and reserve yours. Supplies will be limited at first, so make sure your name is on one when they arrive!

Blade Glimpse FPV Now In Stock

I was excited about the Blade Glimpse from the moment it was announced. I have a tough time flying FPV with goggles (mostly because of my glasses), so a top-notch quadcopter with FPV streaming to a phone sounded pretty amazing. Now, the Glimpse has come out and is in stock.

The Glimpse is equipped with SAFE technology for ease-of-use, and has an integrated HD camera capable of 720P HD capture. It's a little bigger than the Blade Nano QX, and that extra size makes it a bit more stable outdoors, though it's still plenty small enough to fly inside. You can enjoy 6-8 minute flights with the included 500mAh 1S LiPo, and the included USB charger makes recharging a breeze.

The best part about the Glimpse is the First-Person-View setup. It allows streaming to multiple smartphones or tablets with it's "Team View" tech. The stream is still a little laggy, but better than most WiFi FPV rigs. As a primer on FPV flight and aerial photography, the Glimpse should be a winner. Pick up an RTF ($220) or a BNF ($180) today!