Habu 2 Starts Off Strong; Only One More in Stock

The much anticipated Habu 2 EDF airplane is now in stock. I currently have only one on the shelf after receiving four - meaning this is going to be a great selling plane.

The Habu 2 is priced at $299.99 for a Bind-N-Fly Basic model. It requires a 4S LiPo battery, charger, and any DSM2 / DSMX transmitter, preferably a computerized radio like the DX6i or the DX7S. Pick up yours soon and live life in the fast lane.

Habu 2: Retract Ready EDF

There were a number of people that voiced their disappointment that the original Habu had been discontinued. So they will probably be thrilled to hear that the Habu 2 has been announced.

Like many of ParkZone's recent releases, the Habu 2 will support optional retracts and flaps, in addition to its standard 4-channel controls. It will be available in the Bind-N-Fly Basic format, requiring a Spektrum or JR DSM2/DSMX transmitter, a 4S LiPo battery, and charger for said battery. Look for the Habu 2 to be be priced at $299.99, and be on shelves mid-June 2012.

MiG 15 Ultra Micro EDF Launching in April

E-Flite has an exciting new Ducted Fan airplane coming out in April. It's the swept-wing MiG 15 fighter, and it has a wingspan of 16.2". That's right, it's an Ultra-Micro EDF (Electric Ducted Fan)! It features the AS3X Stabilization technology, and is the first micro EDF motor system put out by E-Flite. The airplane has full four channel control, a 2S LiPo, and a high-power 11750Kv brushless motor.

The MiG 15 will be available in the Bind-N-Fly format for $169.99. As mentioned above, it's due out in late April.