ECX BeatBox & KickFlip Now In Stock

While I was initially skeptical about these 1/36 scale RC vehicles, a test unit we ordered and played with changed my mind. These things are fun. The BeatBox and KickFlip are deceptively simple - the throttle is proportional, but the steering is on/off - it's all right, all center, or all left. This makes it a challenge to drive, but not in a bad way. These two tiny trucks handle utility carpet spectacularly, and even pavement isn't a problem for the foam tires. Tile floors leave them stranded, but the optional rubber tires fix that.

I'm impressed with these two offerings by ECX - their value exceeds their price point, which is a very reasonable $39.99. The BeatBox and KickFlip are fun R/C cars for just about anyone, and even make great gifts! Check them out in the store!

Nürnberg 2014: New ECX 4x4 Vehicles

Horizon announced today some new ECX vehicles, now with four-wheel-drive! The ECX Torment, the ECX Ruckus, and the ECX Circuit will be soon available as 4x4 platforms. The new vehicles also include a new, LiPo-ready speed control and will be equipped with Spektrum's new Advanced Vehicle Control (or AVC) technology first seen on the Vaterra Halix and Losi Rally.

I'm interested in these vehicles. I've been a big supporter of the ECX line, but I've also had my complaints. When these vehicles arrive sometime in March, we'll know then if the guys at ECX improved on the issues I took with their 2WD vehicles. And the information we have as dealers calls these new vehicles "fully upgradable". Hopefully that means hop-ups are on the way as well.

The new 4x4 Torment, Ruckus, and Circuit will run $239.99 for a complete Ready-to--Run package, and as previously mentioned, they are due in March. Hit the link below for pictures of the new cars.

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ECX Gets a New, Sleeker Look

ECX hasn't offically released this yet (at least in the US), but the ECX cars are getting a new look. All four of the basic ECX line (Boost, Circuit, Ruckus, and Torment) are getting new paint and trim. The Circuit and Ruckus have new bodies (and they are sweet looking!). The Ruckus is getting new tires (Dynamite Shootouts) and new bumpers (definately a good thing). And the best part: all will be coming with the Spektrum DX2E Waterproof Radio System! Sweet!

No word yet on whether or not the pricing will increase with the changes. Seems like we'll have to wait a couple of months for these to release. More pictures after the break!

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ECX Goes Waterproof & 2.4GHz

It has just been announced that the ECX line-up of vehicles (including the Boost buggy, Circuit stadium truck, Ruckus monster truck, and the Torment short course truck[pictured]) will be going waterproof. But that's not all!

In addition to the new waterproof electronics, all four will be outfitted with a brand new 2.4GHz radio system (awesome!) and a new 2-amp peak charger (even aweosomer!). Shipping at the end of October. Press release after the break!

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New 1/8th Scale Buggies from ECX!

ECX just announced a surprising and awesome addition to their line-up. The Revenge buggies are available in both Nitro ($349.99) and Electric ($399.99) Ready-to-Run varieties. I'll be focusing on the electric version. It's powered by a Dynamite FUZE 130A Brushless ESC and 2500Kv, 4-pole motor, and the Spektrum DX2e radio system.

I personally can't wait to try one of these. After the issues I've had testing a different 1/8th scale buggy, I'm excited to see another option. Look for this to be on the shelf mid-October. And click though the break for the YouTube video embed!

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