New Passport Ultra Touch Charger

Dynamite has a new charger on the market that I think will really catch our customer's eyes. The new Passport Ultra Touch is a 100-Watt, AC/DC charger with some great features. First, it has a touchscreen display, making it very user friendly. It comes with charge leads for EC3 and Deans connectors, as well as receiver packs. It sports a 2.1A USB jack, for charging your phone or even the small 1S LiPo batteries that come with our quadcopters. It even has an on/off switch, removing the need to keep unplugging it from the wall at night.

The real advantage of this charger, though, is it's ability to charge at 10 Amps — great if you have a higher charge C-Rating LiPo (like our Dynamite Reaction LiPos). Charging a 5000mAh battery in 1/2 hour means more racing and less waiting. For only $114.99, the Dynamite Passport Ultra Touch is a great way to maximize the fun!

New, Cheaper LiPo Batteries In Stock from Dynamite

We've always been very careful about what LiPo batteries we stock. We look for great performance, competitive pricing, and above all, great warranty service. We want batteries our customers can count on.

With that in mind, we've picked up a new brand of LiPos. Dynamite (from Horizon Hobby) has released a new line of LiPos, called "Reaction". They make 2- and 3-cell LiPos, both with 20C and 30C discharge rates. They also feature 3C charge rates, and are available in 4000mAh or 5000mAh. Even better, Dynamite offers a 1-year warranty on their batteries.

The best part is the price. Our most popular battery (5000mAh 2S 20C)is only $39.99, a full $20 cheaper than our previous offering. So if you've been putting off that switch to LiPos, now is the time to get in the game! Stop in soon and pick one (or two) up!