New Domida Ocular Drone In Stock

Dromida Ocular.jpg

Dromida's newest drone has arrived on our shelves. The Ocular is an update of the Hovershot, and it improves on the previous drone with the inclusion of their new Optical Flow and Altitude Hold tech. The drone will now maintain a semi-stable hover when you let off the sticks, using a camera looking down to "lock on" to the ground below it.

The Dromida Ocular runs $99.99 for the ready-to-fly package. Just add your smartphone and download the free app and you're all set!

Dromida is not sold online and is available at participating hobby shops only. Stop in and pick on up!

New Dromida Cars In Stock

Dromida has pretty much redefined what 1/18 scale R/C cars can be, and they've been very successful with their offerings to date. It was always strange to me, however, that they never did a touring or rally car with their chassis, giving how well it was suited for that purpose.

They must have thought it was strange too, because a few of their new touring and rally cars showed up yesterday. They are both Ready-to-Run, and go for $109.99. Pick yours up today!

Dromida Ominus FPV Now in Stock!

The Dromida Ominus was a smash hit last year, climbing all the way to 4th on our Top Ten Products of the Year list. We gave it a great review as well. But it always felt like something was missing - the Ominus hadn't yet reached its full potential.

That might all change with the Ominus FPV. This new take on the Ominus captures the imagination with the new First Person View technology that beams the video back to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. You can see what the camera sees in near-realtime. The onboard camera captures video and still images, all in high-definition, 720P resolution. And the FPV link can stay active up to 100 meters away - that's over a football field between you and your Ominus!

All of the features we loved about the original Ominus are returning as well. Long 12 minutes flights are still our expectation, as well as the rugged durability that the Ominus has become known for.

The Ominus FPV will be available in four colors (though we only have two colors on the shelf right now). It comes with a USB charger, a micro SD card and card reader, and an extra set of propellers, as well as a smartphone holder that clips on to the radio for hands-free FPV. The Ominus FPV sells for $199.99. Stop in and get yours today!

New Dromida Hop-Ups In Stock

New Dromida Hop-Ups In Stock

Big news for our little cars! Thanks to the fantastic support and sales of the Dromida line last year, we're bringing in some new, upgraded parts! Dromida has an impressive lineup of aluminum parts that really make the vehicles look great and add durability at the same time. We have aluminum axles, dogbones, axle carriers (front and rear), front c-hubs, and shocks, as well as an upgrade kit for each vehicle containing both shock towers and front/rear shocks. Prices vary depending on the item, so check them out in store!

Want to go faster with your Dromida R/C vehicle? Check out the Brushless Upgrade Kit! The kit comes with everything you need to upgrade to the best, fastest motor technology in the hobby. And once you go brushless, adding LiPo batteries to the mix can net you even more speed and runtime!

We've also bringing in Dromida's selection of pre-painted bodies. Help your vehicle stand out from the crowd and make a statement with a different body!

Many of these items are already on our shelves, so don't wait! Pick up your hop-ups today! Get a sneak peak at a fully upgraded Dromida after the break!

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