New Ultra Micro 4-Port Charger

When you have eight or nine tiny 1S LiPo batteries for your airplane or quadcopter, it's nice to be able to charge more than one at a time. Multiple chargers is a pain, though. There must be a better way.

And there is. The new E-Flite Celectra Ultra Micro-4 charger is a multi-port charger capable of charging up to four batteries at the same time. It's designed for Horizon's 1S and 2S LiPo batteries for their ultra-micro lineup. Each port can charge from 0.1A to 1.0A and has built-in short circuit and reverse polarity protection. You can charge any of the following batteries with it: 30-150mAh 1S Ultra-Micro LiPos, 1S MCPX/Nano 3D LiPos, or a 120-300mAh 2S LiPo with the JST-PH 3-wire connector (like for E-Flite's UMX airplanes).

The Celectra Ultra Micro-4 runs $69.99 and is a great addition to an ultra-micro pilot's fleet.

New Passport Ultra Touch Charger

Dynamite has a new charger on the market that I think will really catch our customer's eyes. The new Passport Ultra Touch is a 100-Watt, AC/DC charger with some great features. First, it has a touchscreen display, making it very user friendly. It comes with charge leads for EC3 and Deans connectors, as well as receiver packs. It sports a 2.1A USB jack, for charging your phone or even the small 1S LiPo batteries that come with our quadcopters. It even has an on/off switch, removing the need to keep unplugging it from the wall at night.

The real advantage of this charger, though, is it's ability to charge at 10 Amps — great if you have a higher charge C-Rating LiPo (like our Dynamite Reaction LiPos). Charging a 5000mAh battery in 1/2 hour means more racing and less waiting. For only $114.99, the Dynamite Passport Ultra Touch is a great way to maximize the fun!

New Hitec X4 Charger; Now With More AC!

It had to happen at some point. Hitec has just announced a new version of the popular X4 Multicharger, now with more AC-Power! It's everything you have come to expect from a charger bearing the "X4" name, but comes packed with a 22A power supply to accomodate all the battery charging your heart can desire. It still offers the ability to run off a 12V DC source, and each port still packs the same 50W punch.

No word yet on release date, but currect estimates place the price tag at around $219.99 - which is $20 less than the current version and a suitable power supply. Think we'll be carrying these? You bet we will.