3 New Horizon Hobby Airplanes Arrive

E-Flite Mini Apprentice S RTF
E-Flite UMX B-25 BNF

Horizon is probably the industry's leader in electric airplanes & beginner-friendly aircraft. the three airplanes we recently received just help prove the point.

First, the HobbyZone Mini Apprentice S is a great beginner airplane, based on the popular Apprentice design, but smaller and more affordable. This $229.99 flying machine features Horizon's SAFE technology, making it easier than ever to learn to fly. Learn more on HobbyZone's website.

Next, the E-Flite UMX B-25 BNF. Re-create the Doolittle Raid with the newest entry in the ultra-micro series. This model features Horizon's patented AS3X stabilization system to keep it flying smooth and level, even in a slight breeze. Scale details and four-channel control make this one solid warbird for those ultra-micro enthusiasts out there. Check out E-Flite's website to learn more. It runs $119.99.

Finally, there's the E-Flite Spitfire Mk XIV 1.2M BNF Basic ($269.99). The latest addition to the 1.2M family, the Spitfire Mk XIV features electric retractable landing gear and functional flaps for the ultimate in scale features. With a sharp trim scheme and Horizon's SAFE Select technology, this is the ultimate in parkflyer warbirds. Find out more about this stunning warbird at E-Flite's website. This airplane requires a 2200mAh 3S LiPo, LiPo charger, and a Spektrum DX6 G2 or higher.

NIGHT Visionaire Now In Stock!

Ever wanted to extend your flying session into the night, but your airplane isn't equipped with lights? Well, get ready to pull out your wallet. E-Flite's newest airplane is now in stock: the NIGHT Visionaire. This luminous airplane is equipped with intense LEDs inside the airplane, making it glow in the night sky. It's designed from the ground up for sport pilots that want a 3D experience that's easy to fly. Built-in to the receiver is Horizon's patented SAFE technology, keeping the pilot in control while allowing a stair-step learning method with Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert flight modes. The Panic Recovery mode rights the airplane with the push of a button, and the AS3X gyro system smooths out the effects of rough air.

The NIGHT Visionaire is available as a Bind-N-Fly Basic airplane ($299.99), requiring a 2200mAh 3S LiPo battery and compatible charger, along with any 4+ channel programmable transmitter with Spektrum DSM2/DSMX technology. It is available and on our shelves today!

The (Ultra Micro) P-40 Warhawk from ParkZone

The newest addition to the ParkZone Ultra Micro warbird lineup is the P-40 Warhawk. The Warhawk comes equipped with the quickly-becoming-standard AS3X stabilization technology, which should make the it fly as though it is much larger. It also comes with the kind of attention to detail that we've come to expect from ParkZone: scale guns on the wing, exhaust on the fuselage, instrument panel decals, and a realistic Flying Tigers trim scheme. The P-40 Warhawk is an iconic aircraft from WWII, and it's recreated by ParkZone in stunning detail. For accessories, it comes with the usual: 150mAh LiPo and a DC charger. The P-40 Warhawk is sold as a Bind-N-Fly, and will go for $99.99 when it arrives in about a month.

New 3D Sport Plane, the VisonAire, from Parkzone!

Finally a good-looking 3D flyer is coming to the Parkzone line. With the announcement yesterday of the VisonAire, that slot has been filled. Measuring out to a 45" wingspan, the VisionAire is a good size for anyone looking to get into 3D flight or hone their existing skills. It comes with a 10-size brushless motor, 40-Amp speed control, a 2200mAh battery and a DC charger. The best part about the VisonAire is the inclusion of Horizon's AS3X tech; that means a great handling plane. The Bind-N-Fly package runs $299.99. It will ship to Horizon Certified Partners at the end of the month, and the rest of Horizon's dealer network two weeks afer that. So we should see it in about a month. Per-order one today!