Why Buy From Us?


In today’s fast-paced world, there’s no shortage of online retailers ready and willing to sell you the exact same products we carry here at Roger’s Hobby Center. They might have slightly lower prices, free shipping options, and could even be more convenient. So that begs the question: why are we here? What do we have to offer over the modern competition? Why, exactly, do we think you’d be better off buying from us?

It’s simple. Hobbies are hard to get into, and we can offer you guidance and support you can’t get online -- or from many of our local competitors, for that matter. There are many things to learn, jargon to parse, and the proper safe practices to master. No one from Amazon is going to help you figure out why your charger isn’t working. An online vendor certainly isn’t going to help you pick out the right paint for your new plastic model, and when you need help with getting your train layout wired up, some random hobby website won’t take the time to draw up the diagrams with you.

Our thirty-five years (and counting) of solid hobby service may not be the only way to experience the hobby industry for the first time, but we’d argue it’s the best way, because throughout your time bashing around your R/C truck, crafting your historically accurate model train layout, flying your favorite R/C airplane, or building a plastic model of your very first car, we’re here to guide and support you every step of the way – and we can do it face to face, in living color! No online retailer can come close to that level of service.

Our commitment to helping people with hobbies doesn’t end when you walk out the door, either — even if you’ve never stepped foot in our store, we strive to be of service. Whether through our extensive collection of support and troubleshooting guides, phone calls from across the country, or emails from around the world, we try to help everyone that comes to us for help. For example, our Guide to Understanding LiPo Batteries was visited more than three hundred thousand times in 2018, from countries across the globe. We’re here for everyone.

Then there’s the issue of buying something online and mistakenly ending up with a piece of junk. With the endless supply of cheap radio-controlled products out there, it’s like trekking through a minefield just to end up purchasing something that won’t break the moment you take it out of the box and has good aftermarket support. When you’re purchasing from us, you can be sure we’ve done the research and made sure the products we sell live up to our exceptional standards – and the same goes for the companies our products come from.  We know that even the best quality control will sometimes allow a defective product to fall through the cracks, but we also know that whenever that happens, we can and will get our customers taken care of, thanks to the excellent company we keep.

While we stay competitive on price, we also pride ourselves on going the extra mile on service. So even though we can’t promise you’ll never find a better price, we’re confident we provide more value per dollar spent than any of our competitors.

Look, we know you work hard for your money. Everyone's working more, making less, and trying to stretch their buck. We will always fight to make doing business with us worth your time and money. If you stop in and don't leave completely satisfied with our commitment to providing the best service, we appreciate that you gave us a shot and it’s on us for falling short. We know we can't please everyone, but that's never stopped us from trying. So, stop on in and say hello; we look forward to serving you!

But don’t just take our word for it. Read some of the things people are saying about us online:

“Roger's proves shopping a local small business is still worth it.” —Brian, Google, 2017
“Top notch customer service always willing to help. From beginners to experts. Very organized inside and if they don't have it they can order it for you.” —Josh, Facebook, 2015
“Nice staff... employee spent a lot of time with my son and me...going through all the options available for a remote control purchase that would fit our skill level...so nice” —Chris, Google, 2017
“The staff was very informative and patient. Explaining pros and cons to each drone my son looked at. Didn't rush us even though we came closer to closing time. We will definitely be going back, even though it is about a half hour drive for us. They were exactly what a hometown hobby shop should be!” —Kari, Facebook, 2015
“We bought a high end Traxxas RC crawler as a Christmas gift. We had some issues on the second battery run. The staff at Roger’s took the time to fix the problem and got our Christmas gift serviceable again.” —Crusty, Google, 2017
“My son got his first RC truck here and the guys were awesome! They talked him through some troubleshooting, always answer questions, and do a great job all around!!” —Tracy, Facebook, 2017
“Sure you could save money ordering online with these guys are a wealth of knowledge and very helpful spend the extra money support your local business” —Mario, Google, 2017